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About Us

AceTek is a global IT service provider, with over a decade worth of experience in providing Consulting, Technology, Outsourcing & Digital Engineering services in a number of industries and to a wide base of clientele. AceTek provides a comprehensive range of services and solutions that are aimed to overcome not just the IT challenges of today, but also address tomorrow’s business priorities and opportunities.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, AceTek provides hi-tech, differentiated services in Next-Gen software engineering solutions in Big Data, Analytics, Cloud, Data Science, Machine Learning, Robotic Process Automation and Internet of Things. We are a leading provider of technology-enabled outsourcing solutions and digital automation technology platforms. AceTek has worked in partnership with clients of all sizes, from mid-market to Fortune 100, to generate innovation, simplify technology, and facilitate their vision for growth with consulting and technology management.

We strive to enhance IT and business functions through improved agility and Scalability. Our investment in people, resources, automated tools, and technology processes together with analytics-driven & analytics-based insight and reporting, ensures globally consistent service level delivery, decreases risks, increases efficiency, and ensures you can deliver the business strategies your business demands, now and in the years to come.

Our Vision

Our mission is to give structure and tangibility to the dream that was conceived in the minds of the creators of AceTek Solutions. AceTek was created with an aim to outgrow and surpass the set standards of quality of the IT universe and to exceed our own business targets and ambitions.

We thrive on solving complex business problems with robust, enduring technology solutions. We understand the needs of our clients and partners, and we have the expertise, talent, knowledge, and experience to meet them. From top to bottom, every employee of AceTek shares a common goal – to deliver the best client experience possible. We plan to do it through clear communication, broad analysis of their needs, setting the right expectations, and finally implementing and executing the right solution that best meets their business and IT requirements to help them conclude that partnering with us and using our services was the right decision.

Our clients know us for the investment we make into their goals, for offering flexible and apt solutions, and for celebrating their achievement and success; and we plan to keep it that way consistently. We truly believe that the journey of our clients is our journey, the success of our clients is our success and the growth of our clients is our growth.