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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

For Smarter Solutions to Your Business Problems

Mastering data and deriving insights from it to solve complex business problems as well as make technological advancements is quite crucial for enterprises these days. However, are you sure you know how to employ AI or Machine Learning algorithms in your data centres that can help transform your business completely?

We at AceTek will provide expert guidance on how to identify opportunities in your business using AI and Machine Learning. It cannot be denied that AI and ML related terminologies top search volumes all over the internet these days. Tech companies are either recruiting workforce with a crucial skill in AI & ML development or are opting for companies with expertise in this domain. 

Simplify operations and Optimize Processes with AceTek’s Smart AI/ML tools.

Companies use AI more now than ever before. Trained AI used by banks to motivate their digital workforce to other enterprises. The benefit of having AI/ML solutions can help businesses process unused or underutilized data, detect patterns a human eye would ignore leading to informed decisions with actionable insights. Smart implementation of AI/ML tools can help companies boost ROIs dramatically.

The experts at AceTek understand the true meaning of automation that confers the continuum of possible for IT and businesses. This AI-driven automation is capable of handling the digital transformation. We at AceTek provide organizations with a range of capacities across the continuum of automation. We serve not only as a technology expert, consulting partner, but also a deployment specialist for companies that need guidance from the AI. Through increased complexity of AI/ML, we help businesses address complicated business challenges through IT and operations.

AceTek solutions can collaborate with clients through advisory services. We allow businesses and IT to:

  • Revisit and reset operations 
  • Implement cognitive approaches to generate value at a scale 
  • Achieve better performance with agile, faster and more effective processes 
  • Develop agnostic product services

Our exceptional expertise, strategic partnerships with best-in-class AI software suppliers, and knowledge management offer an all-encompassing one-stop solution for AI/ML automation. With AceTek’s AI/ML and automation services, companies like yours can now develop, automate, and reinvent themselves.

“The key to Artificial Intelligence has always been the representation.” – Jeff Hawkins (Quote)

AI Services We Offer

  1.     Cognitive Contact Centre with Conversation IVR

AceTek’s Cognitive Contact Center provides our clients with a natural way of engaging with their customers by simply bypassing the static tree structure and jumping directly to its target.

With the help of AceTek’s AI & Machine Learning cognitive contact centre solutions, enterprises can:

   Improve business outcome 

  •  Determine success KPIs (on an actionable analytics platform) using data from IVR, CRM speech-text analytics, AVP (Attribute-Value Pair), etc.

       1. Sales and Marketing Automation with AI & ML Analytics

Predictive analytics makes use of machine learning and statistical modelling algorithms to forecast the future. Predictive analytics is, usually, incorporated by banks, meteorological departments, e-commerce engines, fraud detectors, etc.

 With AceTek’s guidance on AI/ML automation tools, businesses can:

  • Get rid of repetitive tasks 
  • Concentrate on business planning and team dynamics 
  • Evaluate consumer psychographics and increase ROI 
  • Create recommendations for different customer groups

       1.Risk and Compliance Services with AI

Organizations can harness the power of AI to not only devise better strategies and augment operations but also perform various compliance screening functions. With AceTek’s AI & ML solutions, enterprises can solve specific business problems. AceTek’s AI enabled solutions can be applied to regulatory compliance by financial institutions.

Our AI & ML solutions help in:

  • Building domain expertise through augmented intelligence 
  • Increased efficiency by regulatory department 
  • Reducing false positive results using pattern-based predictions in data connections 
  • Improving operational efficiency in iterative self-learning process 
  • Boosting claims fraud prediction by insurance firms 
  • Exposing misappropriation of assets and collusive fraud in logistics industry



AI and Machine Learning Services