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BI (Business Intelligence)

Eliminate Inefficiencies and Deploy Automated Processes for Actionable Data Insights

Data and the ecosystem (stacked together) is quite complicated hence, the need of an accurate system to restore it effectively. Businesses are trapped in retrieving data insights from huge amounts of scattered data and are in continuous search of solutions which can simplify their data mining process.

AceTek delivers on our clients’ expectations by asking questions and learning the process to create data within the organization. By understanding the big picture, we’re able to eliminate any inefficiencies and create and introduce automated processes that help create the data more efficiently. This enables us to deliver the data directly to the company leaders who need to run the business.

Our BI analysts channelize their expertise to create fast and interactive visual reports (BI reports) for convenient analysis and decision-making. For data retrieval they use sources such as data lakes, data warehouses to build intuitive BI dashboards, OLAP cubes, etc.

Collect and Integrate Data from Multiple Systems on a Single Cloud Computing Platform

We help businesses with ETL processes (Extract, Transform, and Load) by employing BI components. Our BI tools aids in streamlining raw data from multiple sources and develops new strategic opportunities for your organization. Our BI experts bring together all historic, current, and future projected organizational data and convert it into real-time, powerful information and insights on a leading-edge user interface for visual analytic solutions. By employing dynamic data science and analytics concepts, our professionals can successfully consolidate data and convert have successfully redefined BI tools for every department

AceTek’s BI Solutions and Offerings

   A.    Data-Driven Business Analytics

Companies can deploy AceTek’s data-driven business analytics solutions to:

  •  Zero in on the vital insights of your business operations 
  • Ensure data integrity to support business decisions 
  • Access data from disparate systems in a cohesive data management environment for research 
  • Construct a complex workflow to process data from source to target systems


     B.   Mobile Business Intelligence

AceTek’s Mobile Business Intelligence is designed to help our client’s expand businesses across multiple channels and platforms and capture markets both offline and online.

Our end-to-end MBI solutions can be adopted by organizations for:

  • Reliable and valuable insights into the market for successful decision-making 
  • Enhanced employee access capabilities to connect to company’s back-end systems anytime and anywhere 
  • Saving costs

    C.    Data Visualization Reporting

“65% of the population are visual learners.”

Data Visualization can be a key to helping organizations process information more efficiently and easily. Team AceTek is expert in:

  • Building dashboards 
  • Creating multi-channel custom reports 
  • Analysing marketing campaigns by recognizing trends 
  • Measuring conversions via attribution modelling

   D.    Predictive Analysis

Predictive analytics can be applied to disparate industry and domains such as, finance, healthcare, supply chain, HR, marketing, etc. By employing AceTek’s Business Intelligence solutions, companies can:

  • Build an elastic IT environment 
  • Make proactive business decisions 
  • Seamlessly perform ITOA (IT Operations Analytics) operations 
  • Visualize and analyse real-time data across the entire spread of business processes 
  • Tailor their business operations 
  • Optimize pricing, positioning and delivery strategies 
  • Target new market segments 
Business Intelligence Solutions