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Big Data & Analysis

We Turn Your Big Data into Meaningful Insights

In this rapidly transforming business ecosystem, synthesis of large volumes of data has an integral role to play. Whether an industry revolves around Finance & Banking, Manufacturing, E-Commerce, Retail, Information Technology, or Oil & Gas, it is essentially that the datasets are kept in an organized manner. Or else, data analysis becomes a truly difficult task.

Solve Dynamic Business Challenges with Big Data & Analytics

Team AceTek uses the power of IT via predictive analysis to extract accurate information from large volumes of datasets which supports enterprises with the following:

  • Improve forecast accuracy 
  • Detection of potential M&A deals 
  • Improve operational performance 
  • Efficiently monitors risks 
  • Safer decision-making methods 
  • Allows stakeholders understand business specificities and interconnectivities 
  • Better data visualization tools

Analytics and Information Management

Our service line is divided into three themes; Data Discovery Visualization, Big Data Management and Advanced Analytics. They focus on their own expertise. Data Discovery Visualization is about storytelling with data, dashboard design and dashboarding. Advanced Analytics is more the algorithms, machine learning, deep learning, and Artificial Intelligence. And Big Data Management focuses on the integration, management, and governance of data. We really try to keep up with the latest developments on analytics. We have several competence centres. For instance, on Artificial Intelligence, on Python. We have a very knowledgeable and mature analytics team.

Using analytics we can answer a broader variety of questions with larger data sets (or more complex datasets).

Our Big Data Analytics professionals have the ability to manoeuvre technology to build predictive models or increase demands to drive better ROIs. Our clients reach out to us to receive assistance with their complex and critical analytics problems.

We Know How to Exploit the Full Potential of Your Data

About 50% of executives expect to make a big decision at least once a month.” This statement may be true but, in most cases, an executive’s decision-making lacks the sophistication and speed he needs for competitive advantage. To make informed business decisions, executives must have clarity on critical decisions; they must be adept in acquiring new sources of data by employing their creative skills; must know to use analytics to assess options and estimate value. They must employ steps to expedite the decision-making process.

With a complete knowledge on how to utilize Big Data & Analytics solutions, team AceTek is equipped to assist its clients’ better decision-making skills using:

  1. Customer Analytics

AceTek’s Customer Analytics tools and solutions help businesses bring value to their organization with actionable insights. Our solutions enable businesses with:

  •  Information on customer purchase patterns using demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioural data (SEGMENTATION) 
  • Insights on consumer segment size, expected growth, and competitor’s offerings (TARGETING)
  • Implementation of targeting actions for the products (POSITIONING)


  1. Marketing and Sales Analytics

Enterprises can harness AceTek’s insightful Statistical modelling techniques and Marketing and Sales Analytics tools to drive identify sales leads as well as contact insights. Our application help improve:

  • CRM and marketing automation resources for clients 
  • Integration of profitable sales and information triggers 
  • Identification of best-fit prospects 
  • Volume of business targeted marketing campaigns 
  • Real-time visibility of sales-ready leads


  1. Supply Chain Analytics

This process helps businesses evaluate the ‘as-is’ situation of the supply chain ecosystem and interpret massive supply chain data with efficiency.

AceTek’s unique Supply Chain analytics approach helps enterprises with:

  • Direct data extraction from ERP systems 
  • Easy visualization of all process variants 
  • Data for defining counter measures to mitigate risks 
  • Increased process efficiency 
  • Data transparency to detect compliance failures 
  • Saving operational costs


  1. Manufacturing Analytics (Process and Manufacturing Analytics)

Businesses in the manufacturing sector can leverage the power of manufacturing analytics to drive operations and growth. Our comprehensive data analytics and data warehouse consulting experience enables enterprises to:

          Automate process development and serial output

          Increase the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

          Access data analytics in real-time

          Monitor, analyse and enhance workpiece and product quality

          Explore and develop a broad range of key indicators for process reliability

          Evaluate multiple production runs for benchmarking

          Analyse manufacturing industry patterns and trends

          Achieve end-to-end traceability from raw materials to finished goods through SAP ERP integration


  1.   Financial Analytics

With the help of AceTek’s financial analytics solutions, companies can:

  •  Improve forecast accuracy 
  • Identify the sales drivers 
  • Improve cash prevision 
  • Detect M&A deals 
  • Improve operational performance 
  • Efficiently monitor risks 
  • Optimize working capital 
  • Define pricing and sales strategies
Big Data & Analysis