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Infrastructure Management

Build, Run, and Manage Next-Generation IT Infrastructure with AceTek Solutions

Reimagine Your Business Operations on Next-Generation IT Infrastructure

Digital compatibility of a business to its IT infrastructure plays a pivotal role in its success in today’s digital landscape. Hyperconverged infrastructures are the much-needed enterprise resource management solutions that aids in business remodelling and helps them scale. Traditional IT infrastructures have various hard-to-manage components which slows down a business’s growth model.

With the intuitive and centralized Infrastructure management solutions from AceTek, enterprises are able to replace their arduous, scattered and sluggish IT components that weigh down their data centres. Our tools for managing infrastructure can help you plan and execute a transition to the cloud without disrupting your business.

Our Solutions

   A.   Hybrid Cloud (Combining on-premise private cloud and public cloud)

Reduce IT costs exponentially 

Accelerate IT delivery for a more responsive business 

Helps assess data workloads

    B.   Networking

Operate scaled networks with limited bandwidth quality 

Calculate business impacts 

Diagnose and fix network issues remotely 

Detect and address unauthorised wired or wireless access 

Track, control, and optimize the use of switch-port 

Determine the machine locations that may contain viruses 

Allow timely and correct network adjustments 

Automate tasks and processes like electronic work orders, documentations, and audit trails

    C.     API Management

Share and reuse services for effective governance 

Timely delivery of information to users and customers 

Innovate and create new products and revenue streams 

Enable an authorized and secure reporting system 

Flexible allocation of resources 

Enhance network security while managing traffic 

Build stronger regulatory management methods


   D.    Unified Dashboards and Reporting

Gain deeper insights into market 

Develop multi-source single-user interface with relevant details 

Maintain better data segregation and security 

Schedule reports via email-file share

   E.      Customer Experience Management

Get a multi-dimensional view of a customer 

Collect real-time customer data from networks, apps, and customer care interactions 

Gain access to a centralized testing system and boost customer experience at any local/ international site 

Avoid churn rates like data latency, customer support dissatisfaction and service uptake 

Quicker settlement of grievances 

Detect poor user interface trends and fix them promptly and proactively

   F.      Continuous Delivery for Infrastructure

Gain access to pre-built servers with ready-to-deploy custom images (of products) 

Simplify and speed up transition to automation software 

Enable continuous delivery workflows

   G.    Edge Data Management Solutions for IoT

Accelerate applications (for example, web browsers) with low-latency response 

Increase data security 

Reduce internet bandwidth usage 

Reduce operational costs 

Build a more responsive and robust app performance 

Boost business productivity and scalability

Give your IT Infrastructure a Digital Upgrade with AceTek

By integrating automation, orchestration, and machine learning with a shared business model that drives value creation, AceTek’s solutions simplify a complex network. Our team enables companies to become flexible and responsive organizations that succeed in the digital world by building a stable and secure infrastructure through managed services, workforce apps, cloud computing, backup and recovery systems.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:       Why should we choose your Infrastructure Management Solutions?

A:  AceTek’s intelligent Infrastructure Management solutions offer its clients with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Clients can use these solutions for:

          A cost-effective processes and technology

          Improved agility in service levels

          Better account servicing through account management models

          Robust inventory and compliant technical audits in shortest time

          Optimized IT infrastructure

          Reduced IT risks

          Key market implementations through steady transformation

          Improved distribution of information across the organization

          Greater efficiency, mobility, and accessibility of a computer or smartphone-enabled web-based interface

          Optimized infrastructure investments

          Reduced duplication of efforts

          Strong organizational and external collaboration

          Effective monitoring of data in real-time

          Guided capability for work orders

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