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IoT (Internet of things)

The immense distribution of data across industries and domains leads to data obscurity. With an increase in the number of tech-enabled devices at home, in offices, as well as every known surrounding we reside at, the real-time information generation is critical but difficult to attain at the same time.

Real-time analysis of data to procure new business opportunities and create avenues for more efficient and optimized operations is pivotal for enterprises to sustain with a competitive edge in the marketplace. How do they attain this edge? How can IoT solutions address the most critical aspects of a business and help them reduce operational costs and increase revenue at the same time?

With the help of AceTek’s guided assistance on the utilization and implementation of IoT-enabled solutions, businesses can help improve traffic flow, restock warehouses, as well as improve energy infrastructure. AceTek’s IoT solutions offer our clients with robust APIs in a secure environment by cutting-down on bugs. With the help of our IoT solutions, enterprises, as well as small start-ups, can improve their overall productivity by freeing up valuable human resources.

AceTek’s Managed IoT Services

Closer interaction with customers provides terrific impetus for product optimizations such as product-design improvement, or the creation of new services clustered around the product. The way products are offered can also be optimized based on customer consumption or demand patterns that provide insights which allows you to adjust how and when a product can be offered.

AceTek’s IoT services help transform organizations by identifying the appropriate competitive differentiators. Our team is equipped enough to provide high-resolution IoT solutions which can be easily integrated with cloud services, big data analytics, as well as relevant enterprise applications to:

          Identify new business opportunities

          Analyse white spaces

          Anticipate business threats

          Build optimized solutions for business operations

          Enhance decision-making skills

          Design, develop, integrate, deploy, and manage

Connect your Industrial IoT world with AceTek

Our Offerings

We offer a broad IoT portfolio that includes wireless devices, device enabling software, networking gateways of industrial standard, IoT service management and distribution automation cloud platform, edge/fog computing, physical security and cyber-security products, application enablement platform, cloud platform for IoT service management and delivery automation cloud platform, etc.

AceTek’s IoT Solutions

We understand that the Industrial IoT is a massive market. The industries such as car manufacturing, airplanes, power plants and other assembly lines contain sensors that measure thousands (1000’s) of different attributes.

Our involvement lies in providing such industries with a cognitive approach to detect anomalies in their database which are posing challenges for the business, for in most of the industrial IoT companies 80 percent of their data go unused. With our cognitive predictive maintenance using the correct machinery, industries can identify the shifts in the available collective data, maximize the data usability, and redefine their statistical approaches to overcome business challenges and generate better ROI.

AceTek’s Anomaly Detection Process:

Sense                      Act                      Communicate                        Analyze

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the benefits of IoT Analytics Solutions for businesses?

A: The IoT solutions when integrated with an enterprise infrastructure can be used to improve:

i)  Customer experiences- with the help of root cause analysis and anomaly detection, businesses can correct their statistical approaches and innovate better resources for enhancing customer experience

ii)  Data security – Due to the provision of Domain agnostic, business can safeguard their data across domains and predict any device failure anomalies with IoT enabled services

iii)  Service Optimization – IoT service providers are equipped with pre-emptive service solutions. It also offers the clients with a deeper visibility into their operations with the help of operational insights.

Q: What kind of industries are best suited for an IoT platform and service integration?

A: This solution is adept for industries like Manufacturing, Utilities, and Energy (Smart Industries), Healthcare, Wearables, Security (Smart Living), Retail, Smart Homes/ Offices/ Buildings (Smart Enterprises).

IoT Solution & Services