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What is Architecture Consulting?

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Enterprises have recognized the need to innovate faster and leverage foundational technologies such as automation, cloud, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver quicker results in a less disruptive manner since they operate in an extremely dynamic and challenging environment surpassing the traditional business model. The Enterprise Architecture (EA) is the change agent to help them undergo this transformation and is critical in helping them implement their business strategy and process, and to achieve their business goals and visions.

Today’s demands require an architecture that is highly scalable, agile, flexible, and cloud-ready. We help companies navigate the chaos, assist with the creation, maintenance, and management of IT architecture models and their components and improve performance. We ensure that the business, applications, data, and systems are aligned with technology and governance strategies, policies, and standards and put effective solutions in place to make sure the overall architecture is maintained in a cohesive manner and that security and quality concerns are properly addressed and adhered to.

Benefits of leveraging our Enterprise Architecture Consulting Services:

  •  Discover value faster
  • Improved alignment between business and IT
  • Increased agility and efficiency
  • Greater visibility into technology across the business
  • Reduced risk
  • Innovation Acceleration
  • Enhanced performance


Acetek Solutions provides Architecture Consulting Information Technology, Finance & Banking, E-commerce, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries based across United States(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Australia (AUS), New Zealand (NZ), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai, Saudi Arabia & India(IND).

Design and Deploy Best IT Strategies with Technology Architecture

Whether you’ve a small start-up or a large organizational set-up, it is built upon several foundations like products or services, processes, data, technologies, people (management and employees), etc. Unless the different parts of a business are knitted together to create and deliver value, the whole idea of the business model can evaporate into thin air.

Team AceTek provides all kinds of businesses with an opportunity to create and deliver value with the help of a conceptual business framework, i.e., EA (Enterprise Architecture) principles. Enterprises can leverage our EA Integration approach to build dynamic business applications using next-gen, best-in-class technology, and gain actionable insights using real-time data.

Build Scalable, Agile, and Cloud-Ready Architecture and Improve Business Performance

Deploying resources that fast-track a process(s) performance by fine-tuning the existing enterprise architecture provides an impetus to the overall revenue generation mechanism of a business.

By leveraging the architecture consulting solution and engineering prowess of Team AceTek, companies can gain access to actionable insights and understanding of how to navigate through large volumes of data to achieve their business goals.

Why Implement an EA (Enterprise Architecture) Operating Model?

It is a holistic approach taken by enterprises to design and execute strategies to achieve their desired business goals. Cognizant enterprises embrace an EA operating business model to establish a rendezvous between business and technology while reducing IT costs simultaneously. Contrary to this approach, conventional business models fear the risk of market volatility, uncharted technological disruptions, coupled with unprecedented competition in the marketplace that makes it difficult for organizations to survive. By aligning their existing business model with an EA operating model, enterprises can gain access to technological advancements and tools to be used in their products/services and management and HR practices at an optimized cost for better ROI.

Why Choose Us?

  1.     Design a Workplace with a Difference

Team AceTek empowers businesses with a digital workplace design creation to increase workforce productivity. We help redefine the work environment for your employees to help extract maximum creativity, spontaneity, and high performance in a tech-driven and interconnected workspace. More often than not, the image of a standard workplace comes out as boring and unappealing that impacts the overall productivity and team performance. However, our expert enterprise architecture consultants can help you with the digital transformation of your workspace.

Our team is, completely, equipped to provide our clients with smart solutions and help them integrate into client’s IT infrastructure for:

  •  Scalability
  • Optimized performance
  • Improved ROI on IT investments
  • Drive business value through enterprise architecture
  1.     Achieve a Customer-centric Digital Transformation and Minimize Risks

Customers define business value, and the success of an organization relies on their approach on how they treat their customers and meet their expectations. AceTek’s EA framework redefines and optimizes work architecture, which, in turn, identifies performance gaps within teams, improves CX via staffing and performance solutions, etc. With the integration of our architecture solutions, clients in the retail space can successfully monitor and control inventory distribution, reduce management costs, reduce attrition, and optimize training spend. And all these, eventually, lead to an agile customer-centric strategy adoption framework to fully transform customer experience and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  1.     Build Stronger GAP analysis skills with EA capability and Accelerate Innovation

Bridge the chasm delaying the transition of your organization from the present state to a productive state using technology, i.e., by integrating AceTek’s EA solutions. Our EA solutions foster GAP analysis by identifying the changes or process improvements required within the enterprise. It helps enterprise crackdown the existing anomalies and drive your current IT infrastructure to a future technology architectural framework to achieve changes such as-

  • Opportunity creation
  • Justification of the IT spending at a reduced cost
  • Automation efficiency
  1.     Discover value faster with Better Business Outcomes

Our EA framework is designed to bridge the gap between process models and data models, resulting in the effective functioning of Business Process Management (BPM) practices. AceTek’s expert engineers and developers can seamlessly transform a volatile business environment into a robust organization equipped with resources that facilitate the integration of personal, IT, strategy, and business capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Know more about the various Enterprise Architecture Frameworks from the below mentioned FAQs.

  1.       What does your services include?

Team AceTek offers you unique innovation services for game-changing outcomes in your business. Our holistic, human-centered innovation approach is built to provide you with high-value solutions and enhance your user experience. The services that our experts can offer you with include:

  •  Advisory services
  • EA implementation services
  • Cloud services, and
  • Support services for on-premise solutions
  1.       How is AceTek EA different from the solutions offered by competitive vendors?

We allow our clients to choose from the best-in-class on-premise cloud deployable EA frameworks. Clients can also leverage our cross-platform portability for a flexible and seamless alignment of their business model to meet their objectives. AceTek Enterprise Architecture solutions, also, assists its clients with all the necessary licensing and regulatory compliance requirements during the smooth transitioning of the platform and data.