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What is BI (Business Intelligence)?

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The term business intelligence has gained prominence of late. Its primary purpose is to aid decision making for business operations in an efficient and effective way. It is the technology that gets the right data to the right people, at the right time to get the right things done to get the right results. Business Intelligence is used for multiple reasons such as to make better decisions business wise, create reports, and create business dashboards as well as integrating technology into your current business structure. BI solutions take data from your business and organize it into useful information to meet your business needs.

Business Intelligence has become a new trend in recent years and in some ways still very young. A big reason for this is because businesses are now realizing that their data provides a lot of insightful and useful information, not just what has occurred in the past but also what can occur in the future. It shows valuable aspects of past and current data but it can also give you crucial insight into the future performance of your business. The information that is extracted from BI can be presented in different forms such as Reports, Dashboards, Metrics and KPI’s to suit businesses owners needs and to make everything clear, informative and easy to understand for businesses and companies.

AceTek’s BI services help organizations optimize their capabilities to leverage various types of data and process it into something the business can use to make calculated and more informed choices. We strive to deliver the most appropriate solution by working closely with clients to assess their goals and challenges to provide them with a competitive advantage. We use only proven open technologies to help businesses reduce costs and allow for easy integration with other platforms and applications.

Acetek Solutions provides Business Intelligence for Information Technology, Finance & Banking, E-commerce, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries based across United States(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Australia (AUS), New Zealand (NZ), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai, Saudi Arabia & India(IND).