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What is Web Application Development?

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Businesses dependency on software has undergone a notable shift as more emphasis is given on tools that resolve day-to-day business challenges and nurture productivity. Having a set of web applications customized to meet unique business requirements can act as a valuable asset to any organization. Web application development is the creation of application programs that reside on remote servers and are delivered to the user’s device over the Internet. A web application (web app) does not necessarily need to be downloaded and is instead accessed through a network or web browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Web application development includes many phases such as high-level strategy, accurate planning, necessary research, business consulting, design, programming, testing, and training. The elaborate journey of developing a web application begins with the conception of the idea. After the initial idea is given an outline and comprehensive tech specifications are recorded, the web application goes through various stages of designing, coding, documenting, testing, and bug fixing before it is finally deployed. A majority of web applications can be written in JavaScript, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and HTML5.

Being an experienced custom web application services and IT application services provider Company, we enable our customers to optimize their business processes with significant cost savings, infuse innovation to improve customer satisfaction and achieve competitive differentiation for sustainable business growth. We believe in creating entirely unique yet innovative web applications that are capable of handling a huge amount of data as well as complex transactions while keeping security and performance in mind

Crafting End-to-End Web Solutions to Automate Your Workflows

We are a fast-paced IT solutions provider dealing with the designing and development of world-class web applications for a range of B2B and B2C companies across the globe. The right software is crucial to any business for it to manage customer expectations efficiently. Team AceTek comprises expert designers, developers and IT engineers skilled at not only the basic yardsticks but carry all the technical understanding and capacity to execute projects (of any nature and size) based on the vision a client has.

Our confidence in building top-notch apps based on a client’s requirement comes from our open communication process with our clients. We encourage our clients to communicate with our team at any point during the whole web application development process which, in turn, allows us to create a prototype based on client’s needs and wants.

Our web application development solution(s) provides a new perspective to the client’s vision of addressing their customer expectations.

Featured Services

Enterprise Web Application Development

To solve the most challenging and tangible enterprise problems, team AceTek offers its clients (B2B and B2C) with an exemplary assortment of custom software solutions. These solutions are developed to enhance a client’s business outcomes via innovative and optimized tech-solutions. Our team emphasizes cross-functional collaboration between the client (QA specialists as well as Business Analysts) while designing and developing web applications for them.

E-Commerce Web Application Development

We offer online/ecommerce stores with adequate resources for a customized e-commerce website along with suitable applications for an agile operation. AceTek will also provide you with advanced SEO optimization tools for a higher Google search ranking.

 Software Maintenance & Enhancement

Any digital application needs thorough protection, upgrades and maintenance regimes to perform at their peak efficiencies. We at AceTek, backed by a dynamic and skilled workforce, will provide you with a complete solution to safeguard your web application assets throughout the application life-cycle.

 24/7 Support and Maintenance

Clients will be receiving 24/7 technical support for a smooth business activity. For a prolific and omnichannel online store, you need an expert web application development team to help you stand out as a first-class digital storefront.

 Technology Consulting

Our continuous effort and willingness to learn about our clients’ businesses and core functional elements allows us to drive real business outcomes for our clients. In today’s competitive world, enterprises are continuously thriving for guidance to help them achieve their growth goals. Team AceTek has all the knowledge and expertise to become your growth partner and provide proper guidance and inputs at all levels.

Why Do We Score High with Our Innovative Web Application Development Framework?

  1. Given the complexities in today’s tech-driven marketplace, AceTek aces the essential skills like designing and building robust, tailored and full-stack web applications for our clients with global presence.
  2. Our team displays innovative software development skills which ensures the highest level of scalability for the client’s business. Our testing engineers would ensure the application’s usability, performance and compatibility on mobile devices and other platforms before it is launched for being used by the client.
  3. Team AceTek never compromises on the web application(s) security and privacy measures for it is of utmost importance for a business. Clients can access critical data and build workflows on a secured environment without losing any sensitive data.

 Acetek Solutions has developed Web & Android/ IOS Mobile Applications such as Travel Portals, Job Portals, E-commerce stores, Multi-vendor marketplaces & various web applications for Information Technology, Finance & Banking, E-commerce, Retail, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries based across United States(USA), United Kingdom(UK), Australia (AUS), New Zealand (NZ), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai, Saudi Arabia & India(IND).

Why Choose Us?

1. Easy-to-Use

We deliver high performing, resilient, scalable web apps that leverages the latest technologies and engage processes that use application business logic. Our designed web-based suite of apps is apt for both large enterprises and small companies. These are cost-effective and are integrated with cyber-security strategies followed in the international market.


Companies can leverage from our reliable, formula-driven, growth-oriented software solutions and improve traceability at a value-based pricing model.

3.100% Privacy & Confidentiality Guarantee

As we are true professionals, we abide by the legal framework of keeping certain instructed and sensitive client information only to ourselves and not disclose such information to others (or as mentioned in the agreement clause).

  4.Direct Resource Access

We support our clients by providing them with direct access to resources specifically selected to assist them with designing and development of web application tools and solutions.

 5.Delivering Projects On-time

To ensure continued client success and help drive growth team AceTek delivers projects, following a structured methodology, on-time (as per the deadline promised).

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to the FAQs to help you to learn more about us and our processes.

  • Are there any hidden costs associated with the web development services?   

There are absolutely no hidden costs involved with any of the services we offer. We take pride in declaring that we hire the best in class to deliver the projects based on client’s expectations and have a flexible pricing model to offer. The terms of the pricing structure and project engagement model will be shared with the client in a transparent manner at all times.

  • How long does it take to build a website?

The duration of project’s completion depends on various attributes like task scope, technology complexity, structural frameworks to be implemented, etc. Our experts start with analysing a project before strategizing the complete life-cycle of the web application development.